What is a food tour?

A new addition to the food industry, food tours have become growing attraction across the world! But what exactly is a food tour? A food tour simply involves a fact-filled, engaging and sociable walk through a city in between visiting the top local food and drink venues which the guide believes to reflect the city’s culture. Food tours are therefore the best way to discover the ‘hidden gems’ of a city which most tourists would simply walk past and miss out on often the warmest customer service and best quality food and drink. Supporting local businesses, especially, since the COVID-19 pandemic, is important to our local economies and food tours allow you to truly immerse yourself in the delicious delights and fantastic experiences they offer! By the end of the food tour, as well as having a pretty full tummy (!) you should feel much more aware of the city’s history, culture and lifestyle and inspired to explore the city further.

As well as this, food tours are also a sociable event and suitable for a whole range of age groups including families, couples or solo travellers. Although food tour groups can vary in size, you can expect most to be between roughly 4-18 individuals. Food tours are a great way to meet new people who all share a common love for food and drink and make contacts if you are new to the city! Here at Loving Welsh Food we make a particular effort to allow our food tours to mix and socialise from the very start of the tour, usually over a delicious pastel de nata and latte from Nata & Co! Although food tours across the globe cater vary according to different markets and produce available, you will always be able to find a tour that suits you. However, it is also good to remain open minded to exploring new treasures within the city!

Loving Welsh Food tours aim to provide guests with the most interactive, enjoyable and delicious food tour possible so we can represent the true soul of Cardiff. Our tours typically last around five hours long so the tour is a relaxed environment and guests’ experiences are not restricted by time. Our food tours typicaly involve between 4-7 venues and include a wide variety of venues and food heritage to exhibit Wales’ finest local produce as well as the foods of Cardiff’s significant multicultural society, in particular its italian communities. Our food venues therefore involve a range of European cuisines including portuguese, welsh, spanish, italian and german. Guests can expect to try lots of new and delicious food and drink samples at each of the venues, as well as a lunch meal during the tour – so any concern of hunger is out of the window! There is never any pressure on guests to try foods they are not a fan of, however we always advocate an open mind.

Most food tours, like Loving Welsh Food, will offer two different kinds of food tours: public and private. Our public tours, or ‘Cardiff Cosmopolitan Food Tours’ as we call them, occur on a more regular and casual basis every Friday (during late spring, summer and early autumn). Our private tours are arranged on a more private basis which can also accommodate larger groups or private functions. All of our food tours offer a unique, engaging and thorough tour of the city to give guests an idea of the culture, liveliness and heritage of Cardiff. Between visiting the venues, the tour encompassing a leisurely stroll past Cardiff’s top landmarks including the Cardiff castle and Principality Stadium (home of Welsh rugby)! The Loving Welsh Food guide (who are all welsh) will share their unique and interesting facts about Cardiff along the way, as well as offering a few Welsh phrases to learn! Head to our instagram @LovingWelshFood to check out some of our recent reviews from food tour guests! We hope to show you the delights of Cardiff soon!